11/27/2012 02:10 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

TMZ Denies Report It Applied For Drone

TMZ is denying a report that it has applied for a drone in order to follow celebrities.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently cited the celebrity gossip website as an example in a story about the rise of domestic drones. According to the article, TMZ applied to the Federal Aviation Administration for a permit to use a drone. FAA told the newspaper that TMZ "does not have a permit" yet.

The site spoke out about the report Tuesday. "TMZ is NOT getting in the DRONE business ... we don't have a drone ... we don't want a drone ... we never applied for a drone ... despite a bogus report to the contrary," the editors wrote. "Truth is ... while drones are, in fact, awesome ... it just ain't true. We could drone on and on ... but you get the point."

The FAA later backed up TMZ's account.



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