Darren Shore Arrested In Washington Shooting; Police Find Alligators Guarding Marijuana, Stripper Pole

Darren Shore was arrested shortly after allegedly shooting his 30-year-old neighbor. But it was two 5-foot alligators, a marijuana grow operation, and a stripper pole at the scene that confused cops.

Shore, of Olympia, Wash., was reportedly caught with about 15 pot plants and exotic pets at his home. Officers believe the shooting occurred there after a drug deal gone wrong, according to KING 5.

On Monday, Shore met with the victim, Ryan Lemcke, who was supposed to help him move a hot tub at the home, according to The Olympian.

Shore told investigators that Lemcke later got belligerent when Shore wouldn't pay him in marijuana and pills for his services, the Olympian reported. When Lemcke threatened him, Shore allegedly pumped a bullet into his bicep and shot him another time in the shoulder.

Investigators said the alligators were likely there to guard the pot. But they're legal to own in the state, so Shore will keep them, CNBC reports. Before Shore was taken away, he helped officers lure the gators into his bathroom, where he left a bathtub full of water and some chicken.

"It was one of those frier assortments, with legs and wings," said Thurston County Sheriff's spokesman Greg Elwin told CNBC. "The alligators seemed to like them."

Shore maintains that the marijuana is prescribed to him and sold from a legal dispensary in Oregon for his back pain. Neighbors told KING 5 that the alleged weed grower wouldn't harm a fly. A stripper pole erected in his home was apparently for his wife, who is an exotic dancer.

Shore faces charges of attempted homicide and was visibly upset in court on Monday. Lemcke was released from the hospital without life threatening injuries.