11/29/2012 10:52 am ET

'El Cappy,' Detroit Sneaker Artist Eric Lowry, Shows How He Makes His Custom Designs (VIDEO)

Detroit artist Eric Lowry, better known as El Cappy, used an unusual canvas for his artwork -- sneakers.

These aren't repurposed old tennis shoes, but one-of-a-kind, detailed designs that turn run-of-the-mill Jordans into works of art.

"I just started collecting shoes, coming up to [Royal Oak, Mich. sneaker shop] Burn Rubber," Lowry says in the video above. "I thought my ideas were better than some things that Nike was coming out with at the time, so I started painting shoes."

"I want you to be the only person with that shoe in the whole wide world."

Lowry is judging Friday's Red Bull Rubber & Sole sneaker design contest, where the winner will get the chance to design a custom sneaker with Burn Rubber and a national brand. The contest will be held at Red Bull House of Art in Detroit, familiar territory for Lowry.

"Detroit inspires me a lot," he said. "Everything in life inspires me."

Watch El Cappy in action in the video above from Red Bull, and check out up-and-coming shoe designers at Friday's free event.



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