11/28/2012 11:51 am ET

Garrett Michael Hoover 'Down 2 Boink' Mugshot: South Carolina Man Accused Of Disorderly Conduct

If honesty is important in a potential life partner, perhaps Garrett Michael Hoover is the soulmate for you.

But as far as the Horry County Sheriff's Office is concerned, Hoover is a criminal. The marker-happy suspect is charged with disorderly conduct for a Nov. 16 incident at Barstool Sports' Blackout dance party in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

As the above mugshot suggests, Hoover's alleged crime isn't what makes him newsworthy. It's his uncanny ability to display -- via what appears to be smudged ink -- that he's "Down 2 Boink."

Barstool Sports quickly rushed to Hoover's defense with a tweet loudly proclaiming "FREE 'DOWN TO BOINK' GUY! FREE 'DOWN TO BOINK' GUY!"

As a result of Hoover using his face as a billboard, promoters for Myrtle Beach Blackout are offering him free tickets to future events.

As TruTV notes, the real victims of Hoover's alleged crime were the ladies, who didn't get to take advantage of his readiness to boink.



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