12/01/2012 09:41 am ET

"Monsters With Maidens" Posters Will Make You Appreciate Your Boyfriend (PHOTOS)

What do Frankenstein, Dracula and Godzilla have in common? Aside from successful movie careers, they all have love interests that are way too hot for them. Beauty and the beast is the recurring trope in "Monsters with Maidens," a collection of vintage film posters that will make you appreciate your beau for not being completely covered in fur or, you know, trying to kill you.

The auction contains posters from 1917-1977, from horror classics to cultish B movies. Damsels in distress faint in the clutches of their monstrous masters. (Are these girls dehydrated?) A whimsical journey to the days of classic, campy film that we wish we were alive for, these juicy cinematic snapshots make us want to whip out the popcorn ASAP. As much as we are digging the aesthetic of these melodramatic posters, they are vintage for a reason. We're happy to see less unconscious cleavage in today's movie ads.

You can bid on the posters online at Swann Galleries. Or you can enjoy a sampling of the images below, popcorn not included.

Monsters and Maidens