11/28/2012 04:43 pm ET

Plastic Surgery And Bullying: Woman Spends $70,000 On Cosmetic Surgery After Being Harassed (VIDEO)

Nancy Redd hosted a segment on HuffPost Live that explored the link between teenage bullying, low self-esteem, and plastic surgery. She spoke with Laura Summers, a woman who began her $70,000 plastic surgery journey because of the bullying she underwent as a teenager.

“It all started when I was like twelve, and I was very overweight. I wore glasses and I had bad acne,” Summers said. “I really didn’t look like I felt inside. I got really badly bullied, basically. I got robbed of an education from school. So I had to leave school when I was thirteen and get home tutoring.”

The experience made Summers decide to change her look completely, including extensive rounds of plastic surgery. For Summers, this ability to change is empowering and has raised her confidence. “My parents always taught me that if you’re not happy with anything in life, you should change it.”

Joining Redd and Summers in the discussion were Dr. Vivian Diller, an author and psychologist, Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, Chief of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Professor at Boston University School of Medicine, Amanda McGowan, HuffPost Style Intern.

View the full segment on HuffPost Live.