11/28/2012 02:32 pm ET Updated Nov 29, 2012

Torii Hunter Looks For Detroit-Area Real Estate, Fortunately The City Has Homes Fit For A Tiger (PHOTOS)

When it was announced earlier this month that free agent and nine-time Gold Glove winner Torii Hunter would be joining the Tigers as an outfielder for two years (with a cool $26 million for his troubles) Detroit baseball fans rejoiced, and commentators immediately started weighing the team's chances next season. But Hunter had a few more practical concerns -- like, where is he going to live?

After practically promising a run at the World Series, the Arkansas native took to Twitter to ask his fans and followers for their advice:

Deadline Detroit pulled together the numerous fan responses urging Hunter to choose among different suburbs, with residents citing nearby sports star neighbors, trails for running and shopping opportunities.

While a follow-up tweet showed Hunter leaning towards Troy or Birmingham, we'd like to respectfully disagree and give Hunter our two cents: move to Detroit!


Sure, Torii, you could find a home in Bloomfield Hills, one of Detroit's swankiest suburbs, where you'd be surrounded by neighbors whose salaries might come close to matching yours. In some cases, they might even top it. If you want a a McMansion built this decade, surrounded by a foreboding privacy fence, which somehow carries a $3 million price tag despite the garish design choices inside and out, that is the best place to be. You'd also have working street lights and recycling pick up, if that's the sort of thing you're into.

But maybe you're looking for something different. Even asking your Twitter followers where you should live (though we'd guess you've consulted with a few more qualified realtors) shows what we could only hope -- that you're a player of the people. We like that in the Motor City. And we assure you, you couldn't find better, more diverse, driven, eclectic, welcoming, kind and optimistic people than in Detroit, a place that many residents would tell you is a worthwhile challenge.

But of course, there are other needs to consider, so let's talk why a pro ballplayer would live in Detroit, despite comments like this.

  • Commute: 20 minutes or less to Comerica Park, how does that sound? It might not matter much now, but just wait until you get your first taste of bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-75.
  • Price: Sure, Mike Ilitch may have just put $26 million in your pocket. But why blow it all in one place, when you can get way more bang for your buck in Detroit? Not many other places has historic mansions for these prices. And while we'd love to have you here permanently, a jet-setter such as yourself might be looking to put down temporary roots without making a lifetime investment.
  • Character: Like its residents, Detroit neighborhoods and houses are full of it. Most of our recommended, well-kept properties were built decades ago with the kind of craftsmanship you don't see in contemporary construction. The city also has great bars, museums, music, food and of course, dedicated sports fans.
  • Street cred. Hey, the Tigers belong to everybody, city, suburbs and up to the UP. You'll still be one of us even if you end up laying your head in Royal Oak or Rochester Hills, and you'll never have to face incredulous questions from your friends out of state. But let's face it, there's a nice ring to saying 'I live in Detroit,' and it's not long before it becomes "I'm a Detroiter."

Below, check out some of the stunning properties in Detroit that Hunter (or other property shoppers) could call home.

Stunning Detroit Homes For Sale