11/29/2012 05:42 pm ET

Divorce Stories: Awkward Things You Should Never Ask A Divorcé

Ah, there's nothing like a holiday dinner to bring out the worst in your family. Sure, your kids may reconnect with their distant cousins and somehow -- somehow! -- remember to mind their manners when they pass the crescent rolls. And your nephew's detailed account of his college plans sounds lovely. But without fail, your noisy Aunt Helen seizes the occassion to pry into Every. Last. Detail of your personal life -- especially the divorce.

If there's ever a time that things get a little too personal at holiday get-togethers, it's after a split, when your family members seem to think they've got a free pass to grill you on why your marriage ended and the myriad ways you could have saved it.

Knowing that much, we asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter to share with us the most awkward question a family member asked them at the holiday dinner table post-divorce. Click through for some of the worst/best responses, then share your most awkward post-divorce holiday story in the comments.

The Most Awkward Question My Family Asked Me Around The Holiday Table After Divorce