11/29/2012 10:34 am ET

How To Avoid A Ticket According To Former NYPD Cop Jerry Kane

Who better to tell motorists how to get out of a ticket than an ex-cop who's written plenty of them?

ABC's "20/20" spoke to Jerry Kane, 53, a retired New York Police Department officer, who explained the best techniques for getting off with a warning when you're pulled over for a traffic offense.

When an officer asks you if you know what you did wrong, you should be apologetic, but you can also be ignorant.

"You can play dumb," Kane said. You can say, 'What did I do?' And if he tells you what you did, you could say, 'I must have, you know, I just didn't realize it.'"

Kane also revealed it doesn't hurt to cry, but only if you're a woman.

And finally, the NYPD veteran admitted what many have likely suspected; a pretty woman stands a better chance of getting off the hook.

"Since men and women were created, attractive women get more breaks," Kane said.

Lots of other lists exist for people trying to keep the law off their backs.

AOL Autos previously published a list of tips for avoiding being pulled over all together. Don't change lanes frequently, tailgate or otherwise drive aggressively and don't speed when you're the only car on the road were some of the sage pieces of advice offered by Autos.

Jalopnik suggests using humor to talk your way out of a citation with this knee-slapper:

Officer- where are you going in such a hurry?
Me- just keeping up with traffic, officer
Officer- I don't see any traffic
Me- that's how far behind I am, I was trying to keep up! (insert unfunny drum noise) "da dum ching"
Officer- Just slow down. (walks back to car shaking head)

You might get arrested for inciting a laugh riot with that one.



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