11/29/2012 01:23 pm ET

Ke$ha's 'Warrior': 19 Great Lyrics From Singer's Grown-Up New Album

Has Ke$ha grown up? The singer -- who may or may not singlehandedly keep glitter in business and recently talked extensively about ghost sex -- sounds almost mature on "Warrior," her second full-length album. Take "Wherever You Are," a mid-tempo pop-dance ballad that sounds like the next Katy Perry single: "Tangled up in your sheets, you saw the real me," Ke$ha sings. "You give me something to believe." That's a far cry from the Ke$ha on "Tik Tok," who memorably sang about brushing her teeth with a "bottle of Jack."

That mature Ke$ha sound continues on tracks like "Wonderland" (think Diane Warren), "Only Wanna Dance With You" (think The Strokes), "Supernatural" (think "Till The World Ends"-era Britney Spears) and "Love Into The Light" (think Coldplay plus Phil Collins). Before you dump last night's whiskey down the drain in disgust, however, fear not: As songs like "C'mon," "Dirty Love" and the hit single "Die Young" prove, neither "Warrior" nor Ke$ha is totally adult. "Champagne tastes like piss to me," Ke$ha screeches on "Dirty Love," which, naturally, features a ridiculous guest verse from Iggy Pop.

"Warrior" is out on Dec. 4; until then, check out these 19 vintage Ke$ha lyrics from the album, about everything from dirty socks to Hooters to small penises.

1. "Young hunks taking shots stripping down to dirty socks." -- "Die Young"

2. "That magic in your pants is making me blush." -- "Die Young"

3. "Feeling like I'm a high schooler / Sipping on a warm wine cooler. / Hot 'cause the party don't stop / I'm in a crop top like I'm working at Hooters. / We've been keeping' it PG / But I wanna get a little frisky. / Come gimme some of that, yum like a lollipop / Let me set you free." -- "C'mon"

4. "Feeling like a sabertooth tiger / Sipping on a warm Budweiser / Touch me and gimme that rush / Better pack a toothbrush, gonna pull an all-nighter. / We been keeping' it Kosher / But I wanna get it on for sure / Come gimme some of that, yum like a lollipop / Baby, don't be scared." -- "C'mon"

5. "Slut." -- "Thinking Of You"

6. "I was down for you hardcore, while you were out trying to score. Found out you were full of it, I'm over it, so suck my d-ck." -- "Thinking Of You"

7. "Teenie weenie." -- "Thinking Of You"

8. "I see you in the club, showing Ke$ha love." -- "Crazy Kids"

9. "I'm fresher than that Gucci, them boys they want my koochie. I say 'Nope, I'm no hoochie.' Yo homegirl hating, I say 'Who's she?' Ke$ha don't give two f--ks. I came to start that ruckus. You want to party with us cause we're crazy motherf--kers." -- "Crazy Kids"

10. "It's Iggy Pop!" -- "Dirty Love"

11. "I just want your dirty love. All I need is to get in between your sheets." -- "Dirty Love"

12. "Champagne tastes like piss to me." -- "Dirty Love"

13. "I just want your f--king filthy love." -- "Dirty Love"

14. "I wanna get high with everyone else here." -- "All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)"

15. "We're up in space. Now in the dark come kiss my face." -- "All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)"

16. "Put your motherf--king phones up. Light 'em up." -- "All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)"

17. "I know I've got a sordid past and, yes, some bad tattoos." -- "Love Into The Light"

18. "I'm sorry, but I am just not sorry cause I swear and cause I drink." -- "Love Into The Light"

19. "Can we just get over ourselves and stop talking sh-t?" -- "Love Into The Light"

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