11/29/2012 06:11 pm ET

LA Rain Tweets: Wet Weather Fills Angelenos With Angst & Scorn

Los Angeles is in for a stormy couple of days this week, and the prospect of a wetter-than-usual weekend is filling many Angelenos with angst and scorn -- at least on Twitter, anyway.

Angst because the rain has led some to question their personal failings, chosen career path, or reflect on bad decisions.

Scorn because of how idiotic other Angelenos are acting when driving in the rain.

There might be a grain of truth to all this grousing (traffic collisions quintupled Thursday), but buck up, Los Angeles! It ain't all bad out there. Plus, once it stops raining, the air will smell sweet and clean, and the sunsets will be beautiful. Just try to avoid long trips across town in the next few days.

We've collected your funniest rain tweets. Check out the slideshow below and vote up your favorites -- or add your own!

Rain Fills Angelenos With Angst, Scorn