11/29/2012 12:53 pm ET Updated Nov 29, 2012

Michael Canaii, New York Dad, Arrested After Swinging Chain, Making Threats At Daughter's HS

An enraged New York father allegedly showed up at his daughter's high school on Wednesday morning "swinging a heavy chain with a padlock and demanding to see the principal," the New York Post reports.

Michael Canaii, 35, also reportedly shouted "Who's f***ing my daughter?" as he attempted to enter the school, threatening to "fight anyone in his path."

“He was yelling and complaining that his daughter was smoking weed and not listening to him, and he wanted the school to do something about that,” a law-enforcement source told the Post.

According to the newspaper, Canaii was soon arrested, hospitalized for a brief spell and was finally arraigned on Wednesday night in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Visit the New York Post to read more about the incident.

On Thursday, an astute Gawker reader pointed out that Canaii may have also been arrested in 2010.

A man also named Michael Canaii, then 33, had reportedly been arrested in Brooklyn after he smashed the rear window of a neighbor's BMW in the nude, the Post reported at the time.

This is not the first time that an overprotective father has made the news for bad behavior.

In 2011, a California man was charged with trying to hire an assassin to murder his 19-year-old daughter's boyfriend. Domingos Jose Oliviera was caught after he reportedly posted a "dozen $3,000 reward fliers" at a local college seeking the would-be killer, according to the Georgia Daily News.

A year before, also in California, a police officer reportedly "arrested" his stepdaughter's boyfriend for having sex with her.