11/29/2012 08:15 am ET Updated Nov 29, 2012

'Modern Family': Cam Gets Stuck In A Tree Wearing A Cat Costume (VIDEO)

Things spiraled quickly into the world of bizarre on "Modern Family." There was nothing strange about Cam wanting to make a big statement by trying to save a tree that meant a lot to his family. But when he got the call to take the lead in his theatre troupe's production of "Cats" -- he was the understudy -- he lept at the opportunity, convincing Mitchell to sit in the tree on his behalf.

That meant that after the play, Cam came back in full costume and went back up in the tree. The visual spectacle was only improved when he fell out of the tree, a branch caught on his costume and he had to be rescued by a firefighter.

Meanwhile, Alex was determined to get revenge on Haley by posting a bad photograph of her older sister on Facebook. which Haley had already done to her. Of course, a series of mishaps lead to Haley getting the chance to once again get the upper hand on her little sister.

The rest of the episode saw Gloria faking labor to help Claire get out of a shoplifting charge, while Phil and Jay had a boxing match, then shared a genuine moment over their respective insecurities.

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