11/29/2012 05:30 pm ET

Movember Fail: Reddit Bro's Manscaped Happy Trail Goes A Bit Too Far (PHOTO)

movember fail

Happy trails to you, sir!

Reddit user "Burnsidious" uploaded a shot of his 'stache that would make Yosemite Sam blush. But, as he notes, he may have taken Movember a little too far.

"There is nothing happy about that trail," he wrote of his uncanny face-and-body hair. "I am counting the seconds to December so I can shave this off."

His moustache connects to his neck beard, which connects (by way of some eyeliner) to his chest hair, which parts into a suggestive gap, then reconnects a few inches below his navel before plummeting southward toward the unknown.

Spoiler alert: He says he's gone Brazilian south of the border.

"It used to have shag carpeting, but I shaved that as well," the user added.

Thanks for keeping that photo to yourself, bro.

(via Reddit)