11/29/2012 05:28 pm ET Updated Nov 30, 2012

'The Other Half Of Tomorrow': New Sadia Shepard Documentary Explores Women's Role In Contemporary Pakistan (VIDEO)

A new documentary from author and filmmaker Sadia Shepard is set to open the Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival tonight. Titled "The Other Half of Tomorrow," the film explores the lives of contemporary women in Pakistan working to change their country in challenging and complex ways.

Divided into seven separate chapters, the documentary delves into various pockets of Pakistani culture, from an underground dance academy in Karachi to Pakistan's Women's Cricket Team, and introduces a wide array of female figures. Zeenat, a founding member of Pakistan's Women's National Guard, speaks to the role of women in the country's early years while poet Rani Shameem discusses her experiences in women's rights workshops in rural Punjab. Pieced together, the portraits of Pakistan's women reflect the diverse shades of contemporary femininity.

Sadia Shepard, author of "The Girl from Foreign: A Memoir", explained the inspiration behind her documentary collage, stating in an e-mail to The Huffington Post: "The person who has most directly impacted my sense of the possibilities and complexities of what it means to be a Pakistani woman is my mother and co-director Samina Quraeshi."

Check out the trailer for "The Other Half of Tomorrow" above and scroll through the slideshow below for images of the Pakistani change-makers featured in the film. Let us know what women have inspired you in the comments section.

'The Other Side of Tomorrow'