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Sean Lowe's Body: Season 17 Bachelor's Trainer Reveals Fitness Secrets

If you've been longing for the secret to Sean Lowe's toned physique, meet Sagi Kalev. The Israeli-born trainer began working with Lowe before he was cast on "The Bachelorette" and whipped him into killer shape with his three-part Body Beast regimen. And, of course, all eyes will be on Lowe when he steps into the spotlight as "The Bachelor" for Season 17, which premieres in January.

"Working with Sean, I knew that he was going to be under a lot of pressure," Kalev tells The Huffington Post. "That’s a lot of stress. The difference between training him and training anyone else, you have to take your shirt off and you have to work on so many different avenues. You have to work on your confidence."

But, if you ask Kalev, Lowe deserves a rose for his effort -- and his attitude.

"Sean would be an amazing trainer," Kalev says. "He's a very caring guy. He's very pleasant and he's very intelligent. He's very sincere. To be a great trainer you really have to care about other people and listen, and Sean really listens."

To help you look like a celebrity, we asked Kalev to share some moves from his Body Beast program.

For Kim Kardashian's Butt:

Bulgarian Squats

Stand with your back about 2 to 3 feet from a stable seating surface like a chair or a bench. Extend your right leg towards the chair and rest your right foot on top of the chair. Be careful to maintain your balance. Slowly bend your left knee and complete a squat. Be sure to not extend your front knee past your toes. Repeat 8-12 times, then switch legs. Do 3 sets. To add extra resistance you can hold a dumbbell in each hand. This leg workout is considered by many as the hardest but most effective way to build muscle and strength in your glutes. This move will turn a ho-hum bum into rock-hard buns!

For Matthew McConaughey's abs:

Windshield Wiper

Lie flat on your back. Extend both legs towards the ceiling so that your body is in a 90-degree angle. Extend arms out from the body, palms flat on the ground. Engage the abs and allow the legs to drop towards the left about 45 degrees from the ground. Bring legs back to center. Repeat same motion to the right. Continue to alternate like a windshield wiper. This move works your internal and external obliques, as well as your transverse abs, creating the so sought-after v-cut.

For Angelina Jolie's legs:

Reverse Lunges

Start with your feet parallel to each other. Take a large step backward with your right foot and bend your legs until your right knee almost touches the floor. Slowly push your right leg back and swing your right foot parallel to the left foot again. Switch sides and step back with your left foot. Do 8-12 reps on each side, 3 sets total. To add extra resistance you can hold a dumbbell in each hand. Lunges make quadzillas out of quads. They also work the glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors –- a great all-around leg workout.


Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Tighten and pull in your abdominal muscles. Lower your body as if you were going to sit in a chair. Keep the motion slow. Stop when your upper thighs are parallel to the floor. Now press down onto your heels and slowly rise back up to a standing position. Repeat the exercise for a total of 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps. Rest for 60 to 90 seconds between sets. To add extra resistance you can hold a dumbbell in each hand. Squats help to build the leg muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. But they also create an anabolic environment, which promotes body-wide muscle building. In fact, when done properly, squats are so intense that they trigger the release of testosterone in your body, which are important for muscle growth and will also help to improve muscle mass when you train other areas of your body aside from your legs. So squats can actually help you improve both your upper and lower body strength.

Sean with Sagi:
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