11/30/2012 07:33 am ET Updated Nov 30, 2012

'30 Rock': Liz Lemon Gets Married In A TV Wedding To Remember (VIDEO)

Somehow it seems appropriate that Liz Lemon's wedding turned out to be a frantic and chaotic affair. After spending much of the episode talking about how it was no big deal, Liz realized that she did want to be a princess. But she also was committed to getting married that day, leading to one of the more bizarre sequences in "30 Rock" history.

While all Jack Donaghy had to do is turn around to be in a tuxedo, Liz didn't have a wedding dress -- or really anything white. But she did find one piece of white in her closet, and it enabled her to realize her vision of being a princess -- specifically, Princess Leia -- on her special day.

She showed up with those classic buns in Carrie Fisher's white dress from "Star Wars." Yes, Liz Lemon got married as Princess Leia. And why not? Her ex-boyfriend was there, with his ditzy wife taking pictures, while Jack read from The Fountainhead.

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