11/30/2012 02:29 pm ET

Best Hot Chocolate In Chicago: Where To Warm Up With The Tastiest Cups Of Cocoa (PHOTOS)

Around this time of year, the mercury predictably drops, the wind kicks up and winter weather sends Chicagoans running for the nearest cup of cocoa.

Coffee, teas and toddies are great when the cold hits, but everyone from kids to teetotalers to the jitters-averse can share in chocolate. Luckily, Chicago has some fantastic places to grab a steaming mug, including one that ranks among the nation's best.

When a dusty pack of Swiss Miss won't cut it, chocolate lovers can explore any number of top-notch cocoa slingers--and check out the ever-growing popularity of the super-thick Mexican and Spanish-style sipping cocoa along the way.

Upscale, low-key, simply or trendy, there's a chocolate spot for just about everyone around town. The Huffington Post churned up a few of the best picks from across the city to help banish the winter chill and get the most decadence possible into one cup.

Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know below.

Chicagos Best Hot Chocolate