11/30/2012 01:38 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

Deandre Jordan Horse Mask Prank: Clippers Center Scares People On Venice Beach (VIDEO)

Deandre Jordan is known for horsing around in the clubhouse, but this just takes it to a completely different level.

The Clippers center was recently spotted scaring the living daylights out of pedestrians on Venice Beach, jumping out at the unsuspecting passersby while wearing a horse mask.

Jordan filmed the stunt for the fourth episode of his YouTube prank series, "Got 'Em," produced by the sports entertainment YouTube channel The NOC. Previous episodes feature the big man messing with people in a variety of ways. He has pretended to fart on people, scared them with a remote-controlled spider, and taken advantage of the kindness of strangers while pretending to be a blind man.

This latest installment seems to be the most timely; yesterday, BuzzFeed declared 2012 "The Year of the Horse Head Mask" -- a fact that must be distressing to Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry.

Given Jordan's penchant for pranking, it was only a matter of time before teammates turned the joke on him. In October, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin got their revenge when they tweeted photos of themselves throwing food on Jordan, who had fallen asleep on a plane, while also recording his snoring for posterity.