12/03/2012 12:45 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2012

The Flip Side: Video Shows What Happens When Men And Women Switch Roles

What would happen if men and women switched roles, especially in settings that encourage stereotypically male and female behavior?

The comedy video series The Flip Side, directed by online video producer Jay Diaz, explores that question. Diaz' first two videos imagined what would happen if men and women switched places in bars and in romantic relationships, respectively. His newest offering flips gender roles in a venue where guys tend to act in very specific ways physically and women in very different ways: the gym.

Nothing about this is subtle -- Diaz relies heavily on clichés to get the point across -- but the idea of a woman taking yoga to pick up dudes did make us smile, especially when she nods, "Sup?" at one of them from downward dog.

Ever seen a petite blonde woman discuss how she supplements her 5,000-calorie-per-day diet with protein shakes? Or two well-built guys rewarding themselves with post-workout froyo? Here's your chance.

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