11/30/2012 02:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gangnam Style Restaurant Won't Be Sued By Psy: Report

The owners of a Gangnam Style restaurant in Koreatown must be breathing a "Psy" of relief today. The South Korean superstar whose song inspired the restaurant's name change has told TMZ that he has no plans to sue the small business for copy-catting his song lyrics.

"Where he comes from, imitation is a form of honor," sources told TMZ. And while Psy's lawyers briefly considered legal action, notes TMZ, they dropped it once they learned their client didn't care.

The restaurant also seems to have a blessing from another "Gangnam Style" star -- Hwang Min-Woo, the pint-sized dancer that accompanied Psy on the playground. Here he is cutting a rug at the restaurant back in September:

It's interesting to see Psy isn't a stickler about trademarks. His generosity is probably a big relief for the Gangnam Chicken joint and the Gangnam Style Food Cart.



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