11/30/2012 07:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Orphans In Kenya Reenact 'A Steal By Bird' Play From 1987 Celtics-Pistons NBA Playoffs Series (VIDEO)

"Now, there's a steal by Bird Gishohe. Underneath to D.J. Nyagah. He lays it in. Right at one second left! What a play by Bird Gishohe!"

In a video certain to bring back fond memories for Boston Celtics fans, a group of children at an orphanage in Kenya reenact an iconic moment from the 1987 NBA Playoffs. With the Celtics battling the Detroit Pistons in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Larry Bird (played in this video by Samuel Gishohe) nabbed an inbounds pass, thrown by Isiah Thomas, and passed to Dennis Johnson (portrayed by Peter Nyagah), who scored the game-winning bucket in one of the most memorable, and unlikely, wins in postseason history. Twenty-five years later, the moment has been recreated under the direction of Dan Freiman, who uploaded this footage to YouTube.

Don't be confused by the dubbed in audio from the original broadcast. This action isn't truly "From the Boston Garden." The carefully staged NBA reenactment was filmed at the Grace Care Centre in West Nairobe, Kenya. The aim of the video is to raise funds for a playing field for the 200 children who live at the Centre.

Fans of faithful recreations of iconic New England sports moments featuring orphans in Kenya might remember this group from a previous tribute to Bill Buckner's famous E3 in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. That video went viral and was even featured at

A 26-year-old MBA student, Freiman told Hypervocal that the Buckner video "was intended to be more of a keepsake than anything" but that he was inspired to take a crack at another moment after it went viral.

"I realized that if we made a second re-enactment video with the same level of perfection from the kids we could raise significant funds for the orphanage," said Freiman.

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