11/30/2012 09:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lindsay Lohan's Assistant: 'Get The Help You So Desperately Need'

Lindsay Lohan's latest saga has those closest to the actress begging her to get the help she needs.

Lohan's assistant Gavin Doyle took to Twitter to reach out to his troubled celebrity client, who was arrested early Thursday morning on assault charges after allegedly hitting professional psychic Tiffany Ava Mitchell in a New York City club.

Things between Doyle and Lohan got tense on Thursday when the 26-year-old "Liz & Dick" star kicked her assistant out of her car after leaving the police station, Gawker reported. The New York Post captured Doyle getting the boot on camera and Gawker transcribed the argument:

Lohan: [inaudible]...just like you did with Sam.

Doyle: No, I didn't!

Lohan: GAVIN, GET OUT OF THE CAR! GET OUT OF THE CAR, GAVIN! Get him out of the car! Get him out of the car, NOW! Gavin, get out! Gavin, get out of the f--king car. NOW.

Doyle: Okay. Never speak to me again.

Doyle was with Lohan during her infamous June car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway. When the accident occurred, Lohan told police that Doyle was driving the car, but it turned out she was actually behind the wheel. TMZ reported that Doyle is the one who ratted Lohan out for lying and he is a big part of the reason why she may be prosecuted.

Lohan was charged with three misdemeanors relating to the crash, including: obstructing an investigation, giving false information to an officer and reckless driving, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The "Canyons" actress has had a rocky time with her team recently. Back in October, her publicist, Steve Honig, quit after an endless string of debacles. He had been with the actress for about a year and a half. In 2010, her previous assistant quit due to exhaustion.

This week's drama may have Doyle heading for the door.

On Thursday, Lohan attended the Justin Bieber concert at Madison Square Garden after allegedly drinking all day, TMZ reported. She then headed to club Avenue to see Max George from the boy band The Wanted. At the club, Lohan met Mitchell, who allegedly offered the actress a free reading, according to TMZ. However, Lohan just wanted her "space," and reportedly called Mitchell a "f--king gypsy." Words were exchanged and Lohan reportedly lost it and punched the psychic in the face.

Watch Lindsay Lohan kick her assistant, Gavin Doyle, out of her SUV in New York City on Thursday below.



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