11/30/2012 10:25 am ET

'New Girl's' Fertility Episode Wants You To Panic About Your Eggs. Don't.

Normally, there's nothing in the world that makes me happier than when a television show created by women decides to drop some knowledge on sexual and reproductive health. Whether it was Lena Dunham getting tested for HPV in Girls or Mindy Kaling's surprisingly heartwarming speech to a bunch of high schoolers about the risks of HPV on last night's episode of The Mindy Project, it's great when a show can both educate viewers and find drama in the actual details of women's lives.

Which is why I was so dismayed by this week's episode of New Girl, which made the weird decision to stoke panic among the female characters on the show about whether, at 30, they'd waited too long to have children. The episode began when Jess invited her friend Sady and her partner over for dinner, and Sady revealed that the two women were expecting their first child. "I feel really lucky, like I tucked this one in under the wire," Sady explained. "As your friendly neighborhood gynecologist, you should know that by the time a lady hits 30, she loses about 90 percent of her eggs." That declaration sent Jess into an insane spiral, trashing the microwave much to Nick's dismay, and propelled both Jess and Cece to Sady's office for ovarian reserve fertility tests. The end result is that Jess, who freaked out, learned that she'd be extraordinarily fertile for years to come, while Cece, who'd been blasé, got back test results that suggested that "if I want to have a kid, I've got to start right now."

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