11/30/2012 05:04 pm ET Updated Dec 05, 2012

Princes Of Polling 'Outliers'

Lee Miringoff takes a well deserved victory lap and offers a thank you to Warren Mitofsky.

Noam Scheiber reports the internal polling numbers that convinced the Romney campaign it could win.

Steven Shepard examines the reopened debate over online polling.

Glen Bolger calls for polling more cell phones. Charlie Cook says other Republicans should listen.

Harry Enten evaluates Andrew Cuomo's chances for 2016.

Jeff Leek notices some unusual statistical graphs at Fox News.

MassINC Polling reminds us that party ID is not party registration.

Walter Shapiro ponders a campaign without polls.

xkcd illustrates a common problem with geographic heat maps.

Doonesbury salutes the Princes of Polling.