11/30/2012 07:12 am ET

'The Devil You Know': Woman Faked Her Death To Survive Boyfriend's Attack (VIDEO)

The season finale of "The Devil You Know" told the tragic story of Frankie Cochran. She was happily living with her boyfriend, David Gerard, until he started getting too aggressive with her. So she moved out and moved onto a family farm.

But Gerard came for her there, beat her with a hammer, then slashed her throat. Fearing that he would kill her, Frankie had a stroke of brilliance.

"I decided to fake my own death," she said. "I inhaled a deep breath, I threw my head to the left and laid it on the cement."

The gambit appears to have worked, as Gerard left. Frankie was found later, and airlifted to a nearby hospital. Doctors thought she might never walk again, but she pulled through and proved them wrong.

After Cochran’s case, detectives realized Gerard might have also killed other women. He is currently in prison for the attack on Cochran, and has been charged in at least one other murder.

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