11/30/2012 06:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 'Today' Show Offers Some Great And Not-So-Great Holiday DIYs (VIDEO)

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DIY-ing can be one of fashion's best kept secrets. You can create things that are one-of-a-kind and inexpensive in a pinch. That said, DIY-ing can also fall flat, enter this morning's episode of "Today" where we saw three different DIYers show us some questionable projects.

First up was Brit Morin, blogger and creator of Brit + Co., who showed us some interesting holiday DIY projects for the home. Though she had some great ideas (we loved her ornament garland, made from Christmas ornaments and ribbon) her "book tree" project left us scratching our heads. This craft was a series of books stacked on top of one another made to resemble a Christmas tree -- it resembled more of a mess. We think we'll stick to a real tree this year.

DIYer Erica Domesek demonstrated some of her favorite DIY accessory projects from her book and website P.S -I Made This. Her first craft was stringing vintage rings on a necklace, which we thought was quite clever. However, if you are planning on wearing the flashy necklace, we would not recommend that you combine it with her sparkly do-it-yourself belt (made of out of ribbon and gems). Both are great for the holiday season, just not when worn together.

Lastly, Kate Albrecht, creator of the blog Mr. Kate, showed viewers how to make a T-shirt scarf/necklace by cutting up a ratty tee and sporting it around your neck. The idea itself is creative, but the end product, unfortunately, looks like you're wearing an old shirt around your neck. Though we won't be sporting her necklace anytime soon, her chalkboard wine glasses were quite innovative and would make a great gift.

Although some of these DIY projects are perfect for the holiday season, others fell into the category of "good intentions, bad results," along with other projects we've seen, like using the elastic band of underwear as a headband and thong hair ties. Yikes.

Watch the video above to see all the DIY projects shown on the "Today" Show.

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