11/30/2012 08:58 pm ET

World AIDS Day: San Francisco Bay Area Events Commemorate The 24th Annual Event (PHOTOS)

While there have been a bevvy of advances in AIDS research since the idea for World AIDS Day was first proposed by a pair of World Health Organization officials in 1987, the disease remains one of the deadliest pandemics in history.

World AIDS Day is a chance to both reflect back every December 1 on friends and relatives lost to AIDS while also looking forward to prevention, treatment and ultimately a cure.

"We can reach a point where virtually no children are born with the virus. And as these children become teenagers and adults, they are at a far lower risk of becoming infected than they are today," said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at an event preceding this year's World AIDS Day.

San Francisco is one of the world's epicenters of AIDS awareness and there are number of events all across the Bay Area commemorating the 25th annual occasion. Take a look at some below:

World AIDS Day San Francisco 2012