12/02/2012 09:55 am ET

Couple Of The Year Countdown: Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey

As part of HuffPost BlackVoices weekly series counting down the top eight power couples of the year, we present “BV Power Couples.” Each week we will highlight what each member brings to the table along with their power ranking. Landing in at number four is Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey.

Full Name: Mariah Carey
Occupation: Singer-songwriter, Actress
Big Wig Affiliation: L.A. Reid
Claim to Fame: In 2008, Carey surpassed Elvis Presley as her 18th number one single, “Touch My Body,” made her the leading U.S. artist to top the Billboard charts with the most hits.
Current Status: In January the Grammy Award-winner will make her debut as “American Idol” judge.
Word for Word: “I never believe that anybody really likes me. I always think it's some kind of joke or something…Initially I was afraid of the concept of marriage, but this is a different situation and a different time in my life." (ABC’s 20/20, 2011)

Full Name: Nick Cannon
Occupation: Actor, Comedian, On-Air Personality
Big Wig Affiliation: Will Smith
Claim to Fame: In 2009 Cannon became the Chairman and development consultant for TeenNick.
Current Status: In recent weeks the 32-year-old secured a first-look production deal with NBC Networks to develop scripted and unscripted programming.
Word for Word: “Mariah is a beautiful and talented person, and I’ve had a crush on her for as long as I can remember. Every day, my respect for Mariah continues to grow higher. She’s a caring, warm and funny person. People have no idea how funny she is! I feel like I’ve always known she was my forever love.” (Examiner, 2012)



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