12/02/2012 11:45 am ET

Ozzy Osbourne Style Evolution: Fringe, Crosses And Sunglasses Galore (PHOTOS)

Ozzy Osbourne may now be known for his role as the mumbling patriarch on the "The Osbournes," the MTV reality show that catapulted his family to fame in the early 2000s, but he's had a career spanning 40 years. The English heavy metal singer became a rock and roll pioneer when he started the band Black Sabbath in 1968. Sabbath had a hard blues sound unlike anything before with lyrics inspired by the occult and horror earning Ozzy the nickname "Prince of Darkness." He later went on to have a solo career and became the center figure of many of rock and roll's most shocking moments. (Remember his infamous bat head-biting incident?)

Nowadays, when Ozzy is onstage or making public appearances, there are a few things you can count on. He's rarely seen without a cross around his neck, his trademark round glasses à la John Lennon or his wife Sharon. But over the years, Ozzy has dabbled with a lot of different styles. Capes, fringe jumpsuits and platforms were some favorites of the bad boy in the early days of his career. He later graduated to '80s hair that looked a lot like Sharon's (they probably shared hairspray) and some tamer moments, including matching denim ensembles with the whole Osbourne clan.

To celebrate the Prince of Darkness' 63rd birthday on December 3rd, we are taking a look back at some of his most memorable outfits. Vote on your favorites in the slideshow below.

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Ozzy Osbourne Style Evolution

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