12/03/2012 01:56 pm ET

Dear Alicia Keys: Thank You For Helping Moms-To-Be Stay Brave!

Although celebrity moms sometimes set up unrealistic expectations for ‘regular’ moms (you know, those of us without six nannies, a chef and a personal trainer) about what post-baby life will be like, a few stars have used their fame for far-reaching good over the past year, making life just a little bit easier for all moms, famous or not. Beyoncé breastfed her baby, Blue Ivy, publically, showing fans that nursing is not only normal, but also just not a big deal. Pink also breastfed in a restaurant, and, when a male passerby expressed his disgust, she affirmed her husband’s suspicions that she’d be willing to fight for her right to discreetly feed her baby over dinner. In doing so (by which I mean saying so… she didn’t actually fight), she broke the prototypical breastfeeding mom mold. Mayim Bialik wrote a book on Attachment Parenting. Kimberly Van Der Beek delivered a breech baby vaginally, at home. And now, Alicia Keys has espoused the power of positive thinking during childbirth, and the importance of the words we choose in talking about childbirth’s pain.

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