12/03/2012 05:59 pm ET Updated Dec 04, 2012

Homeless Skit On 'Fox NFL Sunday' Gets UFC President Dana White Embroiled In Twitter War

The Internet is once again mad at Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White. But this time around, not everyone agrees that the typically inflammatory tweeter is totally at fault.

During a skit about betting aired on the sports program “Fox NFL Sunday," comedian Rob Riggle, who plays a football tipster, said that he would “take info from anyone; My nutritionist, my dog’s stylist, the man that lives outside my bank!”

The clip cuts to footage of White sitting in a cardboard box holding a sign that reads: “PLEASE HELP!! Need Food. AKA BOOZE.”

White, who presumably used the cameo to promote an upcoming UFC fight, then exclaims, "Cam Newton is pregnant. Hahahaha.”

No sooner did the spot air than a potty-mouth Twitter war erupted.

It all started with Jason Wozny, @UFCWOZNY, who tweeted:

In usual form, White responded: “@UFCWOZNY ur a puss.”

As the battle escalated on Twitter, some observers began to stand up for White and his vulgar tweets.

"[White] certainly didn't offend homeless people, and he wasn't trying to lessen their plight in any way," wrote Kevin Iole in a Yahoo story about the skit. "Wozny deserves much respect for at least standing up for the downtrodden, though I think he was overcome by a bad case of political correctness."

Wozny showed no signs of backing down Monday, tweeting that the had reached out to an "advocate for the homeless in L.A." to gauge their response.

Click through the slideshow below to see even more Twitter reactions to Dana White’s homeless skit.

Twitter Reacts To Dana White's Homeless Skit