12/03/2012 01:29 pm ET Updated Dec 04, 2012

Man Screams As Crocodiles Thrash In Florida Everglades (VIDEO)

"You're too close to him. Oh God Pete, your paddle is too close to him" -- are now infamous words between a pair of friends snapping photos of crocodiles from a canoe in the Florida Everglades.

The two rowed just close enough to the giant reptiles, which began to thrash wildly in the murky swamp water, causing the man in the front of the boat to get hysterical and scream.

Watch the video above.

Perhaps the men had heard about the recent infestation of Nile crocodiles in South Florida -- a species of croc that can "jump higher, run faster, and grow to nearly 20-feet, several feet larger than its American cousin, and has a nastier temperament."

But more than likely, the two adventurous friends encountered a cluster of American crocodiles, which are native to the Florida Everglades, and were more likely spooked by the canoe and photographers than lashing out.

Joe Wasilewski, a reptile expert and veteran wrangler, said the American croc "is a gentle animal, believe it or not. ... They're more fish eaters. They don't consider humans a prey source."