12/03/2012 10:03 am ET

New Gallup Poll Reveals Journalists Retain Dismally Low Honesty Rating

Another poll released on Monday revealed the public's less-than-warm opinion of the press.

A new Gallup poll on perceived honesty and ethical standards found that journalists possess a dismally low rating. When asked to rate a variety of professions on having "very high" to "very low" honesty and ethical standards, pollsters found that below 25 percent of Americans have positive feelings about the honesty of journalists. The results are from a survey distributed between November 26-29.

In fact, journalists had a lower rating than bankers, chiropractors and psychiatrists. On the other hand, journalists had a higher rating than lawyers, senators, members of Congress, and cars salespeople.

The results are consistent with findings of polls past. In August, a Daily Kos poll showed that a staggering 78 percent of individuals said they possess an unfavorable view of the political press. A Gallup poll released in July found that confidence in television news hit a new low, with just 21 percent of adults saying they possessed a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in the institution.



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