12/03/2012 11:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prayer Interrupted: Sisters Not-So Affectionate Moment Charms The Web (VIDEO)

It's hard when you’re a kid and talking to the big man upstairs and your younger sister tries to get in the way of your time with God. That’s what happened in a YouTube video where two North Carolina sisters charmed the Internet with their bedtime prayer routine.

The prayer started off fine. The older sister Renee said,

“Dear God in Heaven,

We thank you for our food. We thank you for all the stuff you made in our life. Thank you for the trees. Thank you for the water. Thank you for everything Lord.

Renee was praying in the family's bathroom. Mid prayer Rachel passionately tells her sister, “Get off.”

Renee continues her conversation with God with a little dig at her sibling. She said,

“We love you and we pray that everyone else would too.”

She was interrupted by Rachel's foot in her face. Rachel also kept pulling her sister’s hair throughout the bedtime blessing.

Renne closed the prayer by saying:

"We love and we pray that everyone else would too. We pray that my sister would stop it. We thank you for making us at least come in this world and be alive. Amen.”

The "Prayer Interrupted" video was posted on their family channel, A Childs Guide To Life in August of 2008. It has over 16,300 views. Renee and Rachel also starred in a separate YouTube channel called Bible Girl . In that series, Rachel holds a Bible and gives a sermon. Her preaching topics include vegetables, boogers and her sunny perspective on God.

According to the girl's mother Angie St.Gelais, the family uses YouTube everyday. St. Gelais told HuffPost Religion that she isn’t sure how Bible Girls happened. In an e-mail she wrote, “I think we got some cute tiny pink and white Bibles at the Salvation Army store once and they were so drawn to them and carried the special little books around a lot. We joked that Rachel was our budding tele-evangelist though she had never seen one on TV.”

The St. Gelais family attends Elevation Church in North Carolina. The mother said, “As far as prayer goes, we do pray together, and besides bedtime, or on the way to school, prayer can happen just about anywhere, but often in the car. If we're talking about someone or a situation, we just talk to God about it right then. If we just want to express gratitude or praise, we just do it.”

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