12/03/2012 11:15 am ET Updated Dec 03, 2012

Zabar's EAT Rat Sighting: Large Rodent Crawls Around Window Display At UES Gourmet Food Store (VIDEO)

New York City's resilient rat population survived Hurricane Sandy and are back in action, popping up in city gourmet food shops, again.

A new video shows a rat crawling around the window display at Eli Zabar's E.A.T on the Upper East Side, just behind a grade "A" sign from the Department of Health, and perfectly visible for passersby to look on in horror.

"I’m walking past and I see a rat hanging in the breadbasket inside the store," a witness told The New York Post.

The sighting follows another recent video revealing a small rat or mouse perusing the olive bar at an Upper West Side Fairway market.

The rodents, of course, are most likely getting revenge for their family members who were served up as $100 multi-course meals in the Lower East Side earlier this year.

Clarification: Language has been added throughout the post to reflect that EAT is owned by Eli Zabar and is not associated with Zabar's on Broadway.