12/04/2012 07:08 am ET Updated Dec 04, 2012

'Catfish: The TV Show': Woman's Online Relationship Is Actually A Cruel Revenge Plot (VIDEO)

While most of the stories featured so far on "Catfish: The TV Series" have been sad cases of Internet deception, there was a mean-spirited tone to the story of Jasmine and Mike. She'd been texting him for two years after meeting on Facebook, but had never met face to face despite living just 15 minutes apart.

So the show facilitated a meeting, but it wasn't Mike who came out to meet Jasmine. Instead, it was another woman that she knew named Mhissy. It turns out "Mike" was an elaborate revenge ruse Mhissy had concocted a couple of years ago because they'd both been seeing another guy.

Mhissy was absolutely delighted by the reveal, and the look of dismay her ploy elicited from Jasmine. "When I got her it felt good. I walked away and had a big smile on my face," Mhissy said. She had no remorse for her deception.

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