12/04/2012 10:01 pm ET

Fantasy Football Adds: Chris Givens, Mario Manningham Among Week 14 Waiver Wire Pickups

By Rob Shaw, Bloomberg Sports

This is a big weekend for fantasy football managers, as the playoffs commence in the majority of leagues. When it comes to the headlines that matter in fantasy sports, there is less interest in soap operas such as the Jets trying to pick from three mediocre quarterbacks to start this weekend. All fantasy managers want to know is which players can still make an impact from the waiver wire.

The answer from last week was Eagles running back Bryce Brown. For a second consecutive week his fumblitis cost the Eagles in reality, but fantasy managers were thrilled with his statistics in fantasy.

Other top performers were Raiders tight end Brandon Myers, Russell Wilson, and Donnie Avery. Aside from the big performance, another thing these players had in common is that they were at one point featured in this series on players available in the majority of fantasy leagues.

This week’s group of waiver wire pickups includes a Rams wide out evolving as the team’s top deep threat, a 49ers wide out meshing with Colin Kapaernick, a backup running back outperforming the team’s starter, a Browns wide receiver who is actually healthy and productive, and finally a big running back who is making the most out of an opportunity to start.



Fantasy Waiver Wire Week 14