12/04/2012 04:13 pm ET Updated Dec 05, 2012

Hailie Scott Mathers, Taylor Swift: Eminem's Daughter Tells Singer To 'Stop Whoring Around' On Twitter

It seems like just yesterday rapper Eminem aka Slim Shady was serenading his little daughter in "Hailie's Song,"a single off his Grammy-winning 2002 record, "The Eminem Show." Little Hailie is not so little anymore, and really, really does not like Taylor Swift's fledgling romance with pop teenybopper Harry Styles.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, the famous daughter first expressed skepticism about the rumors linking One Direction's Styles and Swift, who broke up with teenage beau Conor Kennedy in October

Then, perhaps as she scrolled through this disgustingly cute series of photos showing the two on a romantic zoo jaunt, Mathers lashes out with a second zinger.

Then she goes in for the lyrical kill shot, twisting the pop songstress's own words against her:

To be fair, while @hailiejade_x does seem to be the real Hailie Mathers, the teenager has been the victim of Twitter hoaxes in the past.

An imposter named @Angry_Blonde managed to rack-up 20,000 followers last year, but was revealed as a hoax in January, reports Huffington Post U.K.

While Eminem does not make an appearance in the numerous pictures attached to @hailiejade_x, VH1 noted the girl in the photos bears a much stronger resemblance to Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

No word yet on whether T. Swift will, like, ever, respond.

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