12/04/2012 01:32 pm ET Updated Dec 05, 2012

Scientology Game, 'The Source,' Digitizes The Quest For The Church's Secrets (VIDEO)

If this Indiegogo project gets funded, you may soon be able to learn all the secrets of Scientology without getting locked into a billion-year contract.

Australian-based transmedia production company Elevator Entertainment is creating a game called "The Source." It digitizes the wild ride that is Scientology, including everything from learning secrets by gaining levels to overcoming obstacles like your family trying to kidnap you and take you back to the real world.

The two main characters of the game are Peter and his best friend Hannah, who have just joined The Church. "Succeed and you will cross the 'Bridge of Enlightenment' and unlock great powers for Pete and Hannah. Fail and they will never be seen again!," the company writes on its Indiegogo page.

"The Source" will first be released for Windows as a "2D action/platform game in the vein of the popular ‘Metroid’ and ‘Castlevania’ classics," according to the company.

The game creators, who are remaining anonymous "for fear of retribution from the Church," have raised just over $346 of its $45,000 goal and have 40 days left to raise the needed dollars.

Afterall, the secrets to the universe do not come for free.

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