12/04/2012 11:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wall Street Exec Searches Craigslist For Woman To Run His Online Dating Life (PHOTO)

We don't care if you're rich, or if you're busy, or if you work on Wall Street. You can't just have someone else run your OKCupid account. There are rules, people!

Someone who is claiming to be a Wall Street executive on Craigslist posted an ad saying he's too busy and important to run his own online dating life. In case you're interested, he's looking to hire an "online dating writer/manager" who will "screen, write, respond to and set up telephone calls with potential dates from online dating websites." If a Wall Street executive did actually write the Craigslist ad -- and we'll use our acute journalistic eye to say, who knows? -- it wouldn't be the first instance of strange online dating habits among finance workers; one Wall Street guy reportedly used a spreadsheet to organize his dates. A freakin' spreadsheet.

In conclusion, we're officially putting all single men in finance on watch. Don't make us extend Dodd-Frank to your dating lives too. And now, the ad:

craigslist ad