12/04/2012 09:34 am ET Updated Feb 03, 2013

Why Slate's Takedown Of The Art World Is Totally Wrong

As a longtime reader and admirer of Slate, I've often lamented the fact that there's pretty much zero visual art content on the site (although, to be fair, they're only one of a handful of culture publications that ignores the category, and their new photo blog is great). So I was excited when I saw they had published a piece about the art world and Art Basel Miami Beach yesterday -- until I read it.

The essay comes from Slate columnist and fashion maven Simon Doonan, who is officially the creative ambassador at large for Barneys department store. Sweetly titled "Why the Art World Is So Loathsome," it lists eight "theories" about why that may be the case, starting with "Art Basel Miami" (is it catty to point out that he left off "Beach"?) and working through such categories as "Blood, poo, sacrilege, and porn," "The post-skill movement," and "Adderall a go-go."