12/05/2012 04:48 pm ET

Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 Diaries: It's Almost Like You're There (PHOTOS, LIVEBLOG)

The time has come for Art Basel Miami Beach 2012.

12/09/2012 4:56 PM EST

The last few...

Here's the last of them. As I upload these pictures from my bedroom in rainy Bed Stuy, I feel a mix of nostalgia, nausea and hope for the future. Maybe it's the sun, the hangover or the result of spending so long without really talking to another human being, but life post-Basel just doesn't feel the same. Next year in Miami, guys.

12/06/2012 6:03 PM EST

Day 2: Untitled Art Fair, Aqua, SEVEN, Wynwood and Moving The Still

Today my first stop was Untitled Art Fair, a new fair curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud. If the main fair was going out to an expensive yet stuffy dinner with your parents, Untitled was the impromptu ice cream cone that puts the meal to shame. The slideshow below has art from Untitled as well as SEVEN, Aqua and Moving the Still... and also some mirage-level moments from this glorious summery day!

12/06/2012 8:26 AM EST

Day 1 Part 2: More ABMB, Dancing By Myself, Rap Dreams

Finished the fair. Went to MARFA Ballroom's Cocktail Party and A$AP Rocky's performance at The Delano. Hung out with Rick Ross for a hot second along the way. Reality is slowly dripping away...See more art from the main fair and snapshots from my night below.

12/05/2012 4:26 PM EST


At 3:40 AM this morning my alarm sounded. At a more decent hour I landed in the wet, salty and perfect Miami Beach. Before long my desire for caffeine was replaced with a sense of entitlement for endless champagne flutes. No, not flutes, fountains. I headed right away to the big fair, Art Basel Miami Beach, home of the priciest, most renowned and, sometimes, most boring artworks.

Peruse my first findings in the slideshow below and keep in mind there is still a lot to comb through at this fair, let alone the whole art-infested city. Are you ready to see through the eyes of an under-slept, over-excited Miami outsider? Take a look through my diary and stay tuned for way more updates throughout the weekend.