12/05/2012 08:25 am ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

Dustin Penner Interns For Conan During NHL Lockout (VIDEO)

We're already 80 days into the NHL lockout, giving idle hockey players ample time to participate in off-the-ice activities. While several players have chosen to keep their legs fresh overseas, others, like Kings forward Dustin Penner, have found more unique ways to pass the time.

The Stanley Cup champion is taking comfort in comedy, making his imposing presence felt while "interning" for Conan O'Brien's show on TBS. In the video above, Penner is seen bringing his own idea of hockey justice to mundane administrative tasks, rollerblading around the office and bullying coworkers while making copies and delivering coffee.

According to the Winnepeg Sun, Penner sought out unpaid work in order to gain life experience during his lockout downtime.

“I was just going through the everyday motions of being an intern,” Penner explained. “Sweeping the floor, filling the printer tray with paper — and letting out my aggression on the other interns.

“I’m trying to bully my way to the top of the food chain at TBS,” he added.

As Yahoo! Sports points out, Penner could be getting his revenge after a short but contentious Twitter exchange he had with Conan in July. Judging from recent tweets, however, he seems to have thoroughly enjoyed his time on the small screen despite the pressure he felt to perform.

In addition to his stint at TBS, Penner also wrote a piece for Vibe magazine about electronic dance music back in October.