12/05/2012 04:26 pm ET

Zoe Bedell, Female Marine, Sues To Serve: 'The Policy Is Not The Reality Of The Combat Environment' (VIDEO)

U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Captain Zoe Bedell told HuffPost Live host Jacob Soboroff that she was joining a lawsuit against the government policy banning women from combat roles because "the policy is not the reality of the combat environment these days."

"There are no front lines, there is no safe zone," she said.

Captain Bedell's work in Afghanistan was cut short due to Pentagon policy, frustrating her.

"Really, this is one of the last places in American life where women are categorically excluded," she said.

The impact of the policy on women is uniform is drastic, as she described her thinking behind staying with or leaving the Marines, an organization which "doesn't value you, doesn't let you contribute fully, doesn't let you serve or contribute to the organization's mission, simply because of your gender."

"People join because they want to serve, but they leave because they've had enough, and you don't need to stick around if you aren't going to be treated as a full citizen," she said.

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