12/05/2012 05:44 pm ET Updated Dec 05, 2012

Give Mondays Initiative Inspires Londoners To Offer Up Random Acts Of Kindness

To make Mondays suck a little less, a group of do-gooders is encouraging Londoners to give out cash to strangers on the first day of each week.

Give Mondays, a completely anonymous endeavor, invites supporters to stuff an inspiring message and some money in a blue envelope (blue, being Monday's typically sad color) and drop it where it will likely be found by a passerby.

“One fine morning we had an epiphany -- giving feels good and Mondays are blue,” the founders wrote on the site. “Blessed with this wonderful insight we decided to set up GiveMondays and encourage people to give their week the best possible start by good deeds every Monday.”

Since the program launched earlier this year, Facebook and Twitter have erupted with messages of gratitude from giddy recipients and donors.

Participants have been doling out their slim packages in creative ways.

One blue envelope was handed to a lucky recipient at London Bridge, another was left on a train and another was tucked away in the mirror of an elevator.

While GiveMondays is focusing on just giving out cash for now, the initiative has some far-reaching projects in the works.

“Long term we want to offer our community different ways to give each Monday,” the founders wrote on the program's website. “We’ll continue the random acts but also showcase inspirational fundraisers, unsung heroes and local projects that need your help.”

Click through the slideshow below to read even more Twitter reactions to GiveMondays.

Twitter Reacts To GiveMondays