12/05/2012 04:24 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2013

May-December Romance 'A Struggle At Times,' But Worth It: Couple (VIDEO)

Ron Lambert and Gayle Luster, a couple with a fifteen-year age difference, joined HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd to share their story and explain why their May-December romance is no different from any other couple in love. While they acknowledged that the age gap has been "a struggle at times," Lambert said that it has proved to be more of an issue for other people than it is for them.

"Mostly, the people who notice our age difference are people who don't know us," he said. "The people who know us don't pay any attention to it."

Luster says that her husband's age has helped enable them to stay married for 25 years.

"There's a lot of wisdom that comes on his end, he's got children, he was married before, and on my end, I bring a lot of creative youth and energy to the relationship which keeps us spunkier then a lot of couples that have been together for this long," she said.

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