12/05/2012 05:42 pm ET

Wendy Williams On PETA Ads: 'I Would Like To See Adele Naked'

Did Wendy Williams really strip totally naked for those racy PETA advertisements, or was the 48-year old talk show host a little more modest when she dropped her robe?

“I wasn't nervous. I wanted to look fabulous for the new season of my show, so I had been working on myself. So by the time PETA called, I was already feeling great about myself,” Williams told The Huffington Post. “I do have pasties on. I had on a very small thong. Only two people were in the room -- the photographer and my husband. It wasn't the time for a whole lot of chit-chat. The photographer just gave me a resounding ‘wow’ and that's it. My husband was there to make me feel like a teenager again.”

Confessing that it was easier to remove her bra than her wig, Williams, a bestselling author and host of her own syndicated talk show, said she knows the perfect celebrity who should strip for the animal rights group's ongoing advertising campaign.

“I would like to see Adele naked," Williams said. "As a woman of a particular size myself, there is no hating on skinny girls, but there is nothing interesting about their bodies. I think for women, curves and softness is what separates men from women. Three cheers for girls that are built like fifth grade boys, but there is something to be said for womanly women. Adele with her gothic figure would look great in PETA ads.”

Williams said she has had nothing but a great response since her naked pictures debuted. Fans included her 12-year old son, she said.

“My son loves it, my husband couldn't be more proud, my mother and father think it's great," she said. "I was very nervous about what they would think. I know a lot of people still don't think that's me, it's all Photoshop, but I have to say that is all me and its all good, that's 48 years old."



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