12/06/2012 06:30 am ET

Carmen Electra Teaches Andy Cohen Slow-Mo 'Baywatch' Run On 'Watch What Happens: Live' (VIDEO)

Carmen Electra stopped by Andy Cohen's clubhouse on "Watch What Happens: Live" alongside Billy Ray Cyrus. And while there was plenty of fun to be had, Cohen had one thing he needed to make sure happened before Electra left.

He wanted to learn how to do that classic slow-motion "Baywatch" run, and he was absolutely game to look ridiculous if he had to in order to learn. So Electra taught him the trick.

"You run and you breathe. And you, kinda, make it serious," she explained. "Arch your back just a little. Booty out, booty out. OK, very good. Act like you’re out of breath, though."

It was a hilarious lesson, but it apparently got too intense -- or too ridiculous -- for Cyrus, who wound up watching from the sidelines.

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