12/06/2012 12:36 pm ET

Damon Spaeth, 13-Year-Old Boy, Saves Father Who Fainted At Wheel (VIDEO)

When his father fainted at the wheel, an Indiana teen's quick thinking may have saved both of their lives. Damon Spaeth, 13, took over the wheel when he father suddenly slumped over while driving on a state highway, according to Fox 59 News.

When Damon's father Bob Spaeth fainted, the car swerved into the lane of oncoming traffic and put itself on a collision course with a fire engine. Damon grabbed the steering wheel and directed the vehicle to safety.

"There was a second car coming (and) that was scary. I swerved out of that one and then the car kind of went and died on the side of the road," Damon told Fox News.

Watch the video above to see Damon tell his story or head over to Fox News to read the original story.

Although Damon doesn't consider his actions heroic, his father feels otherwise, saying, "He is my hero."

Last month, another teen's quick thinking saved her mother's life. A 17-year-old from the San Francisco bay area performed CPR on her mother, who had passed out on the living room couch. Doctors say that Lindsay's CPR before help arrived not only saved her mother's life, but also saved her from potential brain damage.

And in North Carolina, 17-year-old Darlette Spencer's leaping to action helped save both her own life and her six-year-old nephew's when their house went up in flames.



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